Want a Gaming PC?

Great, you came to the right place.


With some of our Techies having a decade of PC-Building experience, we know how to build a PC or two.

Honest Advice

The Tech Heroes has always had a ethos enveloping everything we do: never give dishonest advice.


Hundreds of people have had a PC through us and we haven't let a customer down yet.

Your Rig - Your Way

You can either have a Gaming PC all ready to go with a Pre-Built Gaming PC or you can design your own perfect Custom Gaming PC with us – your choice.

PreBuilt Gaming PCs

Just want to get going fast? Here’s our range of pre-built PCs, ready to ship to you next day.
Fortnite Gamer Starter PC (22v1 edition)
TTH Cyclon Gaming PC : AMD FX8350 CPU, 480Gb SSD, Gigabyte 1050Ti GPU, WiFi, Windows 10 Home
RGB Gaming Pre-Built PC, Intel i3 9100F Quad Core 3.60GHz (4.00GHz Boost), 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD, Selectable RGB Control GTX1650 4GB Graphics card

Custom Gaming PCs

Want to get a PC built to your exact needs? Well – you’ve come to the right place. Here are the steps we go through with you to find out what you need.












Choose your Components

First, the most important part - the actual hardware of the machine itself. You, in the end, get to choose absolutely everything, but we'll make our recommendations as well depending on your needs.


Wifi & Mods

Wireless or Wired?

Which works for you - a wired or wireless connection? We'd highly recommend a wired connection to the router for the best gaming experience, but we can accommodate wireless as well.


Operating System

Operating System

The thing your system runs on. This will almost always be Windows 10 Home - but we can change this depending on your wants.



Additional Accessories

If you want to turbo charge your gaming experience even more, then you can also add some Gaming Accessories. We're talking Gaming Keyboards/Mice, Gaming Headphones, Gaming Monitors - all of which will improve your gaming experience.



Free 30
Day Option

£ Free

Award Winning




Your Protection against threats

Sadly, when using a computer, there's always a risk of bad actors infecting your PC, doing all kinds of things from stealing your data to using your PC to mine crypto. Sometimes just being careful isn't enough - you need something to watch out for you.
We highly recommend that you use some sort of Antivirus to protect you. We personally recommend our Partner, ESET, but we're willing to put any solution you want on there.


Additional Software

Additional Software

Want to use your PC for something other than gaming? We can include some additional software to meet your needs.





Want to get gaming ASAP?

By default, we just build the PC and give it to you, but if you want, we can install the Operating System and set it up fully, so that as soon as you get it home and plugged in, you can start gaming almost instantly.



Protect your files

Whilst a lot of games are utilising Cloud Saves nowadays, there are still a few that don't, meaning they can be lost for any number of reasons. Dozens of hours of playtime, just gone.
You might also store some important files such as pictures on your PC that you also don't want to lose.
That's why we recommend some backup solution, to backup everything, so you don't lose all of those precious memories.


Pay Deposit

Almost done!

Once we've figured out all of the above and you want to go ahead, then it's time for you to pay the deposit. It highly depends on the PC and what we need to order in, so we'll tell you at the end.


Collect your Custom PC


After a few days of us ordering parts, building and setting up your PC, it'll be finally ready to collect!

Think you want a brand-spanking new Gaming PC from The Tech Heroes? Please get in touch!

Want to have a go at designing it yourself first? Click below to be taken to our PC builder page!

Cool Photos of Previous Builds

Gaming PCs Built by Heroes

Our Build Process

There’s more under the hood of a custom build gaming PC from The Tech Heroes than you think.  With over 10 years’ experience in building PCs we’re one of the best choices for creating your next gaming rig.

We’ll fit quality components from trusted brands.  Our build times are nothing short of heroic (visit our store before 3 pm and walk out with your spanky new PC 1 working day later… yes custom built still!) oh, and did we tell you about our amazing dedication to wiring? Our PC’s look as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

Each custom built PC is tested fully before leaving us for its new home to make sure when it arrives with you it works beautifully.

That leaves you to just choose your PC case and components and rely on us to create a pretty awesome PC that’ll impress your friends, family and gamers alike.

Gaming Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Tech Heroes uphold a simple philosophy when it comes to buying a gaming PC:

If you want to buy a gaming PC to play Rust… we’ll build a PC that will play Rust

If you want to buy a gaming PC to play Call of Duty… we’ll build a PC that will play Call of Duty

If you want to buy a gaming PC to play Fortnite… we’ll build a PC to play Fortnite

We all have a favourite game and to be able to play that game well, feels pretty awesome.  That’s why choosing The Tech Heroes to build your next PC is the right choice. Simply tell us what games you want to play and we’ll build a PC that will play those games – it’s that simple.


Unlike a Games Console, PCs can often be upgraded.  The Tech Heroes don’t believe in making PCs that cannot be upgraded, unlike some of our competitors.  We believe a new PC should be an investment in your future gaming experiences.

Any questions? Feel free to give us a call or make an appointment.

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