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Backup Your Data the Easy Way

Backing up your photos, your music, your files and anything else on your PC should be easy right? Yeh, we think so too!



Here’s the really weird thing, according to stats on the web, almost 93% of consumers are backing up their data, and yet over 65% of them have still lost data – what gives?

It seems that there are so many different options out there, and not enough solid reliable advice to make this a simple thing for people.

Let’s Simplify Your Backup

Online backup is a set-and-forget solution when purchased via The Tech Heroes. It’s an easy 3 steps process.

  1. Connect to the Internet to download the program widget & run it
  2. Tell it which folders to backup
  3. Stay connected to the Internet for constant backup

Does it get any easier? Well actually, yes it does. The Tech Heroes will set it up for you if you want us to, completely free!


Online Cloud Data Backup Pricing