Laptop with a broken LCD screen

Laptop Screen Replacement Service

If you’ve accidentally broken your laptop screen don’t panic. The Tech Heroes can repair your laptop.  We carry a lot of different laptop screens in stock, so we can often complete your LCD screen replacement within a few hours.  

There’s loads of reasons why people accidentally break their laptop screen LCD panels.  Most of the time, it’s actually the way we open our laptops that break the screens.  you should always open your screen from the middle in a smooth, slightly slower motion.  This prevents the screen being flexed and causing the most common type of breakage we see: a cracked laptop screen.

Of course, sometimes we simply drop our laptops whilst moving them… other times we sit on them and just occasionally we get so frustrated with them that we may be a bit boisterous in a moment of frustration, but it’s ok, we can replace those broken laptop screens for you.

As well as accidentally breaking your laptop screen, sometimes those screens simply fail.  If a backlight has gone, it can appear as if the screen is not turning on, but if you either turn it on in a very dark room or shine a touch really close to the screen you can often see a very faint display.  The screen still needs replacing, but at least we know it’s the screen not working, and not the rest of the laptop being pesky.

However your laptop screen broke or became faulty, and no matter what the laptop brand is, The Tech Heroes will be able to replace your laptop screen either the same day or within a few working days.

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